“My God, Jim, I’m beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!”

Got to work today to find a broken laminator in the office. Someone had fed two thin laminate sheets at once. One wrapped itself around the heated roller and the other got scrunched up inside.

Being an IT technician, I don’t usually repair laminators but thought I would have a go as it was destined for the bin otherwise.

I just managed to take apart the bracket at one end that holds the whole roller mechasim in place. Slipped out the bushings, removed the laminate sheet and then rebuilt.

A few burnt fingers later and its all working again.


Published by

Paul Clews

Lecturer in IT at East Berkshire College. Assessor & Verifier Technology Evangelist Hacker Tinkerer Collector of all things Retro Cyclist Kayaker Adventurer

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