Halloween Preparations

I’ve started ordering the components to build an animated halloween door amongst other projects. I orderd some parts from the excellent Pimoroni and they had an offer where if you spent more than £30 then you received a “Day Of The Geek” soldering badge kit.

Mine turned up last night and so I had a go at putting it together. It only took me 10 minutes to do although I am struggling to see what i’m doing now these days. Time to buy one of those helping hands with magnifying glass me thinks.

The kit comes in a small bag of components. The funky skull shaped PCB with predrilled holes for the components.

You get a QR code to scan to see the instructions for assembly although its pretty simple.

Push the CR2032 battery holder into its holes (there is a printed guide on the PCB to help you). Solder this.

Then put a large blob of solder onto the back of the skull where indicated and then attach the badge pin back.

Finally solder the two red LED’s for eyes. Steal a CR2032 battery from the bathroom scales while my partner is not looking and hey presto, a Day of The Geek badge.

I’ve had it running on a used battery now for about 14 hours and its still going strong.

Update: Its still shining away on a used CR2032 battery after 36 hours.

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Paul Clews

Lecturer in IT at East Berkshire College. Assessor & Verifier Technology Evangelist Hacker Tinkerer Collector of all things Retro Cyclist Kayaker Adventurer

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