Weatherspoon’s Don’t Like Veggies

We went shopping today in Watford as we wanted to pop into a Lego store. Decided to have breakfast at Weatherspoons, The Moon Under The Water.

Sat down, placed out online order for a large veggie breakfast and a normal breakfast. The pub was quiet at this time of the morning. The food didn’t take long to arrive.

I started eating my sausage and thought it didn’t taste like their usual veggie sausages and then noticed some bacon tucked under my hash brown. They had given me a meat breakfast.

The staff briefly apologized and offered me a free drink and replaced the breakfast but not happy as such a fundamental mistake. No reason was given for the mix-up so we ate quickly and left.


Home-made Sangria

This is fast becoming a bad habit. Made my own Sangria with red wine, brandy, orange juice, some caster sugar, sparkling water, ice and lots of fruit (strawberries, pear, oranges, lemon, limes).

Tastes fantastic but knocks me out after consuming the whole jug. With social distancing I can only drink by myself and have no one to help me…

The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

Finally bought some of this coffee from Amazon. It cost me about £15 for 50g! It came in a sealed foil packet as beans which I then ground in my blender and took some to work for my line manager and I to taste. I found it quite smooth but other than that, it tasted like coffee to me.

This is the Kopi Luwak coffee which is eaten, partially digested and defecated by the Asian palm civet. There are now some ethical concerns over this coffee as some Indonesian farmers are putting the civets into battery cages to produce the coffee.