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Testing a Z80 MBC-2

Last week I bought a new Z80 homebrew computer from Ebay. Its a Z80 based single board computer with 128KB RAM with some optional modules such as a RTC, GPIO expander and SD disk emulator and runs BASIC and CP/M. Normally I buy these as kits which you solder together yourself. This one came already … Continue reading Testing a Z80 MBC-2

Dragon 32 Computer (1983 £159.99 or £575.25 in todays money!)

The Dragon 32 and Dragon 64 were home computers produced in the 1980’s. The 32 had 32KB of memory and so on. They were similar to the TRS-80 Color Computer, and were made by Dragon Data Ltd in Wales. The Dragon had a 8 bit Motorola MC6809E processor running at 0.89 MHz and had . limited 16-bit capabilities. The Dragon comes with a Microsoft BASIC interpreter … Continue reading Dragon 32 Computer (1983 £159.99 or £575.25 in todays money!)

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