My Computing Collection

Jakks Pacific biobytes game

I came across this on Ebay and purchased it back in July 2020 for £10 including postage and a T-Rex and crocodile characters. Its a battery operated LCD game with up to 12 interchangeable animals that can be used to fight against the computer or wirelessly using Infrared against other opponents. When you move the joystick, the animals react although barely noticeable. Its a novel idea but the screen, game play and sound are all very poor.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

This was a car boot purchase. Bought as joblot for £12 including some games. Serial no: PM1117164, The N.E.S is an 8 but console launched from 1983 that uses cartridge based games and came with controllers, light guns and other accessories. At this age, they frequently need the cartridge edge connectors cleaned or replaced. New cartridge edge connector s can be bought on Ebay and easily replaced by opening the console

Nintendo Gamecube

Black gamecube console. Another car boot purchase although I rarely see these nowadays, they used to be common at car boots and sold for very little money. They’re value is steadily increasing now. Serial No: DE12038209. Released in 2001 supporting up to 4 controllers, memory cards and used min-DVD optical discs for games. Came with a huge range of accessories including modems, keyboards, a Gameboy cartridge player, steering wheels and pedals etc.

Atari 2600 (Woody)

The Atari 2600 or also known as the Atari Video Computer System (Atari VCS), later became nicknamed Woody because of its woodgrain effect case. These consoles came out in 1982 and used ROM based cartridges.

I currently have 3 of these (2 non-working). Serial numbers, 548139803 and 548078372. The third one has no serial label.

Amstrad PCW16

Amstrad Personal Computer Wordprocessor or PCW. This model was introduced in 1995 at £ was incompatible with all previous PCW systems. It had its own GUI operating system called “Rosanne”. It was Z80 based with 1MB of flash storage for programs and 1.44 3.5″ Floppy Disk Drive.

alba cp701 personal cassette player with “the wall” LCD tetris game

A retro personal cassette player from the 80’s,90’s that also includes a built in tetris clone called “The Wall”

Archos 605 WiFi

An early form of portable and wireless media player/computer. Serial No: CA080582350

Prinztronic 5500 Colour Programmable tv game

Not had a chance to properly test this yet.

Videomaster Susperscore Home TV Game
Atari 400

As a rule, I dont buy items from Facebook. There are a lot of scams on there and without the same protection you get from Ebay & Paypal, you could easily lose money. I just happened to see this item appear for sale 3 minutes after it was posted and offered £50. It was listed as a house clearance and untested. I figured that the box, power adapter, cartridges etc would give me money back even if the console didn’t work. I buy to collect, not sell, but noticed the only 400 on sale in the UK Ebay was asking £250 including 13 cartridges so would value my one at least £100 or more.

The Atari 400 was released from 1979 and aimed at children and had a pressure sensitive keyboard and cartridge slot. It booted to some sort of notepad and mine came with a working BASIC and Missile Command cartridge along with some manuals, joysticks and 410 tape deck (missing PSU) and ‘An invitation to programming’ cassette.

When I got it home, I connected it to my TV, tuned in and was very happy to see the BASIC cartidge working. A quick change to Missile command and all seems to work fine.

Raspberry pi zero w rev 1.1

This was a freebie with my MagPi magazine subscription. I recently purchased a solderless dongle to turn the Pi into a USB gadget. This allows you to plug the Pi Zero into a USB port on my Windows computer and access it remotely with it being powered by the USB port and sharing my PC’s Internet connection. I can now use this as a quick and easy tool for protyping and writing python programs and testing them. Serial No: 00000000a543108c.

Adafruit Pyportal Titano
The Empire Strikes Back Quiz Whiz Electronic Question & Answer Game by Tiger Electronics

Star Wars trilogy Episode V. Manufactured by Tiger Electronics. Runs off three AA batteries and has removable games cartridges. The keyboard is used to select a game question and appropriate answer. The games tells you if you have given the correct answer or not and comes with a question book that you use to select one. This booklet has questions numbered from 301-650.

Adafruit pyportal titano

This is an IoT device with built in processor, WiFi, touchscreen, speaker and is programmed using CircuitPython. I plan to use this as an interactive conference badge but have set it up with the example YouTube stats program.

Sega megadrive ii

This was yet another car boot purchase. A boxed 16 bit console that uses cartridges from 1988. This one came with Urban Strike.

AmstRAD PCW x 2 9512 with Printer

Serial numbers: 541-1206406. & 541-1213659. Picked this up on Ebay with over a hundred 3″ and 3.5″ disks, some with software and games. Tested them both using CP/M disk and by playing a space invaders game.

Intellivision 25 Video Games System

A modern remake of the Intellivision console from Mattel with 25 built in games

Commodore Amiga 500+

This was another car boot rescue some time ago. I recently started testing it and had no video output so sent it off to Caterpiller Games for a repair. It came back a couple of months later recapped and working.

Serial No: 014913

Palm m100

Bought this on Ebay in April 2021 for £5.61 including postage. Popped 2 x AA batteries into the back and it seems to be working fine. Came with a small leather protective case