Grab The Wheel

We popped down to Brighton at the weekend for the first time since lockdown in March. Always enjoy a look around the lanes, the galleries and interesting little shops and they have a Lego store.

Because things are not back to normal yet, we left our dog Mindy behind. Its sad we can no longer pop into Choccywoccydoodah since it closed last year.

It was great weather and generally we kept away from the tourist crowds by the beach and pier although we did pop onto the Pier briefly so buy some Rock. .

We had our usual breakfast at the Post and Telegraph. Their vegetarian sausages are still my favourite. There was a massive ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest at lunch time. Hundreds, if not thousands of people marching down the high street showing no hint of social distancing at all.

Eventually we got to the Cloud gallery where we often purchase artwork by JJ Adams. The piece I wanted to look at was not in stock at the Gallery but we saw a large 1.2m square framed original mixed media (acrylic on canvas) picture by Emily Crook (Grab The Wheel). We were impressed by the colours and its reference to the Mario and Luigi game characters as well as some designer names like Ferrari, Louis Vuitton and Rolex.

We’ve managed to find a space on wall but this picture is so large we almost didn’t have anywhere to hang it. Its a great piece and hopefully will increase in value as the artist becomes more popular.