Hictop 3D Printer Repair

My 3D printer had been left in a shed for nearly a year. The shed was so packed I couldn’t really get to it. I finally managed to get it out of the shed a while ago but when trying to print, the nozzle was clogged, I tried unclogging it and the thermistor fell apart, so I decided to get a new nozzle assembly that comes with the thermistor preinstalled. You can easily pick up replacement parts for any Prusa based printer from Ebay and the cost was just £6

After I changed the first nozzle assembly, the printer would not heat up properly and I quickly realised the new thermistor had also come loose so ordered another one. Then I got distracted with Christmas and left the printer.

After a couple of months, I have finally made the time to replace the nozzle assembly, again.

I removed the old one including the thermistor cabling and started fitting the new one running the cables back to the control board. The old thermistor used to have an intermediate connector close to the nozzle but the new one does away with this. It’s all a bit fiddly, trying to hold the print nozzle assembly together whilst screwing it into place but you get there in the end.

Finally, pieced it back together enough that I could try a test print. I have been using an Ultimaker at work for the past week and i’m lucky if I can get one out five prints working first time.

Straight after the repair and with the bed height not properly set, it started to print a valentines model with no problems. Not bad for a £150 printer versus the £2500 Ultimaker.