Britain’s Got Talent – The Champions

On Saturday 27th July, we went to the Wembley SSE Arena to see the semi finals for BGT The Champions with Judges, Simon, David, Alesha & Amanda. We got hold of free tickets from

We arrived via Tube at about 3.00pm and the queues were already long. It took us about 45 minutes until we got to present our online voucher and the staff exchanged this for actual tickets and we were told to return at about 6.00pm.

In the mean time we went a short walk and visited the BoxPark. A series of street food vendors, a bar and various games all inside a large warehouse like building just next door to the arena and Wembley stadium. Beer costs about £5 for a pint. There is a vast array of independent food vendors selling food from many parts of the world. You sit on large benches/tables set around the building on too floors. There are pool tables, TV screens and activities for the kids like face painting. It has a great vide and something for everyone i’m sure.

After lunch we made our way slowly back to the arena for 6.00pm and the queue to get in was huge. It took us about an hour to get into the arena. There are a variety of hot food stalls and bars available and we got some drinks (not cheap) and made our way to our seats with a reasonably good view. Almost every seat was taken by the time the warm up man arrived and told us all what was going to happen. After this, the judges arrived and Ant and Dec and began their intro and the acts started appearing. We enjoyed all the acts and this all went on until after 10.00pm. We left shortly before the end to beat the mad rush for the tube so we didn’t see who won. Hopefully we make it on screen in the audience in one of the shows.

I’m such an easy sell

Polaroid have released a new version of their instant cameras. I wanted to buy one to reminisce in the glory days of taking poor quality (but instant) photographs and then only having to wait a couple of minutes to develop the picture. This new version is ultra cool though as its branded with Stranger Things and you buy a special Stranger things film pack (quite expensive) that has various text and images on the edge of the photos linked to Stranger Things.

About this blog

This is just a short introduction to this blog. This I smy third blog because my free account has run out of free storage space. I intend to host the blog myself, unfortunately my server has failed. As soon as I find time to get this up and running, I will host the blog on my own server using

In the mean time, I will continue to make posts here about my activities and any retro computing projects I am working on.