In these difficult times with non essential shops closed its been a godsend to order goods online and have them delivered at home via Royal Mail or couriers. Some items I order on a regular basis wont fit through my letterbox and I know Royal Mail wont leave outside my front door so services like those offered by Collect+ are potentially very useful.

Royal Mail deliver the goods to a Collect+ location near your home (typically local shops) , theory notify you when they’re ready for collection and you turn up with your ID and collect. That’s the theory.

Just been checking one of my Ebay deliveries that hadn’t arrived and I noticed on my Ebay account that the item was showing as delivered to the Collect+ location (GPH food stores) on the 19th March. I had not received any notification that the item was ready for collection. The local shop had forgotten to scan the parcel again when it first arrived with them so I get no notification Sadly, this has happened on many occasions with Collect+ and particularly with this shop.

The gentleman behind the counter offered no apologies or reason for this and merely scanned the package as he should have done 5 days ago. I then received a notification instantly and was able to take the parcel away. Not a positive experience. Will probably not use Collect+ and/or GPH Food Stores again as its just too unreliable. As a footnote, the parcel before this one, was sent back to the supplier as I never received a notification and had to order a replacement )delivered elsewhere).

Anycubic Chiron 3D Printer

Boxing day finally gave me the time to set up my new 3D Printer that I got as a Christmas present from family.

First impressions, it came in a large and heavy box. Inside everything was well packaged and the contents include the tools you will need to finish assembling the printer.

The frame with everything attached came in two pieces, the bottom section and the top frame. A few bolts and connections later and it was easily assembled. Comes with a spare nozzle assembly and teflon tube.

Im impressed so far with the quality of construction. I have done a quick bed height set up and have just started to print a Nintendo gameboy cartridge holder all on default settings. The print quality is not too bad although where the word Nintendo is printed could be better but this should be sorted with some adjustments and maybe supports? Overall so far so good. It really is a large printer able to print up to 450mm. Seems much better quality than my old prusa based 3d printer.

Intellivision 25 Video Game System

Bought this on Ebay a while a go as fully working handheld console. When it arrived, I tried switching it on but nothing happened even though it felt as though it had batteries in. At first, I thought that’s nice of the seller to include some for testing although why weren’t they working?

Popped off the battery cover to discover why….

They had left old batteries in there which had leaked and caused some corrosion. After some cleaning with solvent spray and a cotton bud, I managed to get it working again with a fresh set of batteries and left some negative feedback for the seller who seemed unconcerned at this.