I’m such an easy sell

Polaroid have released a new version of their instant cameras. I wanted to buy one to reminisce in the glory days of taking poor quality (but instant) photographs and then only having to wait a couple of minutes to develop the picture. This new version is ultra cool though as its branded with Stranger Things and you buy a special Stranger things film pack (quite expensive) that has various text and images on the edge of the photos linked to Stranger Things.

About this blog

This is just a short introduction to this blog. This I smy third blog because my free account has run out of free storage space. I intend to host the blog myself, unfortunately my server has failed. As soon as I find time to get this up and running, I will host the blog on my own server using http://www.paulclews.co.uk.

In the mean time, I will continue to make posts here about my activities and any retro computing projects I am working on.