Intellivision 25 Video Game System

Bought this on Ebay a while a go as fully working handheld console. When it arrived, I tried switching it on but nothing happened even though it felt as though it had batteries in. At first, I thought that’s nice of the seller to include some for testing although why weren’t they working?

Popped off the battery cover to discover why….

They had left old batteries in there which had leaked and caused some corrosion. After some cleaning with solvent spray and a cotton bud, I managed to get it working again with a fresh set of batteries and left some negative feedback for the seller who seemed unconcerned at this.

Pub In The Park – Henley-on-Thames

Sunday 13th September 2020, we went to the Henley Pub in the Park event.

We booked VIP tickets and arrived just after 10.00am. After a 15 minute wait, we were guided to a private parking area at the front of the stage. On the way in we were given a gift pack (which has to be shared amongst all four of us) and some food, which rather than being the advertised meal, was just some snacks so not particularly good value for money.

We enjoyed the acts like Gabrielle but Craig Charles couldn’t apparently make it due to a sore throat. He was the one I was looking forward to seeing so again disappointed. The artisan car boot sale was quite small and consisted of a few stalls selling alcohol and food products. Not much choice to be honest.

Overall the weather and atmosphere was good. Apart from being at the front of the stage, the VIP is not worth the money.

Bill & Ted Face The Music

We went to the everyman theatre at Gerrards Cross on Thursday evening for the new film. Great to see the sequel after 29 years since the last. Enjoyed the film and more of the same we came to expect from the first 2 films.

The cinema was a little strange. We were 2 of 6 people in the entire cinema to see the film. Had the whole middle of the cinema and a wide sofa to share to ourselves.

Great food and service if a little expensive.

“My God, Jim, I’m beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!”

Got to work today to find a broken laminator in the office. Someone had fed two thin laminate sheets at once. One wrapped itself around the heated roller and the other got scrunched up inside.

Being an IT technician, I don’t usually repair laminators but thought I would have a go as it was destined for the bin otherwise.

I just managed to take apart the bracket at one end that holds the whole roller mechasim in place. Slipped out the bushings, removed the laminate sheet and then rebuilt.

A few burnt fingers later and its all working again.